Project History

In the beginning

The Dandy project was originally known as xslfoproc and hosted on Eric and Arved started designing a new xsl formatting objects library to address some of the problems in the FOP project, namely speed and memory usage. Clearly a fresh design was needed, as experience showed that loading the entire formatting object and area trees into memory was not the correct approach.

Arved started the perl prototype development in January 2002, and a sufficient proof-of-concept perl formatter was in place by May 2002. Development began on the C++ formatter and continued until around July 2002. At this point there Eric had a 90% complete expression parser, 80% of the property handling was in place and there was the beginnings of the layout framework. The project remained dormant until January 2004.

In an unfortunate deletion accident the original sourceforge project was removed and all the mailing list design discussions were lost.

Colin ported the C++ code to C# between October 2003 and January 2004. The xslfoproc project was renamed to Dandy in February 2004.