KDE settings backend for OpenOffice.org

The KDE settings backend is a project described in Issue #63557 of OpenOffice.org's bug tracking system (IssueZilla).

It makes OpenOffice.org read some

  • The address of the proxy
  • The preferred email client (KMail, thunderbird, ...)
  • The folder for document files ($HOME/Documents or other places)
  • The fixed width font (used for BASIC and HTML source code)
  • The flag: are accessibility tools supported?
  • These settings can be changed from
    Konqueror or from the KDE Control Center.

    The backend is stored into a new package named openoffice.org-kde-integration. It has been released first in OpenOffice.org 2.0.4.



    Source code:

    settings.tgz (approximately 90 kilobytes)
    See README.txt inside for compilation and installation instructions. This file also contains implementation notes and a to-do list.

    Binary package with installation script:

    installbe.tgz (approximately 60 kilobytes)

    If you are illegally collecting email addresses, just follow this link (explanations here).

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