Chapter 1. LSB Addendum: SGML & XML

Enclosed is a proposal, submitted by Eric Bischoff, for the LSB regarding SGML & XML. A more general proposal has been submitted to the Filesystem Hierarchy Specification workgroup to be adopted. It is proposed that the enclosed detailed draft be adopted as an addendum to the LSB written specification. A new Sourceforge CVS module would be created so this document would be initially maintained separately from the ongoing API/ABI written specification.


This document is still being heavily discussed. It is neither a standard nor a recommendation, and is currently being used only as a basis for further discussion.

1.1. Introduction

In a normalization effort, about thirty people, including packagers of some Linux distributions, and developers of SGML related tools such as the SGML-Tools and DocBook Tools project, discussed informally and agreed on a series of recommendations that will be submitted as a draft to the Linux Standard Base project. A reference implementation will also be done as part of the DocBook-tools project.

This document's redaction started as an attempt to end the nightmare of DocBook distributions, but it appeared quickly to be generic enough to apply to any SGML or XML DTD. Explanations about the reasons for all our choices are given in a separate document.

Following a list of definitions, you will find a set of recommendations:

R001--SGML Directory layout
R002--DocBook Directory layout (standard names for directories, their contents)
R003--Open Catalogs usage for SGML
R004--Open Catalogs usage for DocBook (for the centralized catalogs and for the individual catalogs)
R005--Configuration files (other /etc/sgml files)
R006--ISO-entities (file names and FPI declarations)
R007--Packages (how to package this type of material)

We'd like to thank the following people who have participated intensively in this normalization effort:

and all the other many people that helped with their own contribution.