html2pot and po2html

html2pot and po2html are command-line tools for translating web sites. They work in conjunction with all tools that can handle po files: GNU gettext, KDE's Lokalize, etc... The purpose is to separate the contents to be translated from the markup. These tools are published under GPL license version 2.



Work cycle:

  1. Modify the web pages with your favourite HTML editing tools. Make sure they validate against XHTML.
  2. Extract the po template: html2pot *.html > en.pot
  3. Create first empty translation: cp en.pot de.po
    or merge with previous translations: msgmerge de.po en.pot >; mv de.po
  4. Translate the new or fuzzy strings: kbabel de.po &
  5. Publish the translation: for file in *.html; do po2html $file de.po > de/$file; done


Known bugs:

Latest version is version number 0.3:

Many thanks to Stephan Kulow for the inspiration (xml2pot and po2xml scripts for DocBook)!

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