The Crash Course to DocBook

Chapter 5. Meta Information

The tags covered in this section are listed below.

bookinfo - Metainformation for a book
title - Text of a heading or the title of a block-oriented element
authorgroup - Wrapper for author information
author - Author of a document
authorinitials - Initials or other identifier for the author of a revision or comment
firstname - Given name
othername - Name component that is not a firstname, surname, or lineage
surname - Family name
keywordset - Set of terms describing the content of a document
keyword - Term describing the content of a document
releaseInfo - Information about a particular version of a document
revhistory - Revisions to a document
revision - Entry in revhistory, describing some revision made to the text
revnumber - Number of a revision
revremark - Description of a revision
abstract - Document summary
date - Date of publication or revision of a document

Example 5-1. DocBook metainformation

<title>The Twiddle Handbook</title>


<application>twiddle</application> is an application specially
designed to do nothing you would ever want.

<keyword>sample application</keyword>


The <bookinfo> tag contains all of the meta information for your document.

It is information that describes your document, as opposed as its contents that are in the various chapters. This allows to: