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This page lists the open source projects hosted on this server:

A crash-course to DocBook
  • Home page
    Three versions: HTML, PDF and DocBook sources (*),
    in English and in French
A technical translation glossary Using the Belkin USB Wireless G Key under Linux KDE address book connector for OpenOffice.org KDE settings backend for OpenOffice.org KEuroCalc: an Euro calculator html2pot and po2html: tools for translating web sites
Dandy: a Formatting Objects processor (C++/C# replacement for FOP - formerly XslFoProc)
Addendum to LSB specification relative to SGML/XML implementation Legal notice and disclaimer

All the source documents marked with one asterisk (*) are released under FDL Free Documentation Licence.

All the source programs marked with two asterisks (**) are released under GPL General Public Licence.

All the source programs marked with three asterisks (***) are released under LGPL Lesser General Public Licence.

The development activity of these open source projects is independant of the activity of the company that gives them a shelter (namely the Bureau Cornavin). The company hosting their files rejects any kind of responsability linked to those developments and provides them only with disk space and connectivity. The employees of the company that might contribute to these projects do it on their own.

If you are illegally collecting email addresses, just follow this link (explanations here).

IPv6 ready: This server can be reached on Next Generation Internet at opensource6.bureau-cornavin.com

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